Flicker Wouldn’t Sleep

(Photo credit: Microsoft)

When she was six, Hailey gave me five words to work into a poem for her. She hated it, particularly the part where her hair was on fire.

Flicker Wouldn’t Sleep

Hailey’s dragon Flicker was jumping on her bed,

But Hailey wanted dragon to go to sleep instead.

Flicker was a wily minx, full of vim and steam,

She was real determined not to settle down and dream.

She flapped her golden wings and clacked her sharpened claws,

Scuffed her silver bumps, and snapped her frightening jaws.

To prove that she was serious, Hailey gave her beast a glare,

But Flicker tossed her head back, setting fire to Hailey’s hair!

As Hailey soaked the singed ends deep in the bathroom sink,

The smoke spread down the hallway and made the bedroom stink.

Then that crazy dragon began to shred her pillow

Seeing feathers fly made Hailey start to bellow.

“That’s it! I’ve had enough! I’m not saying it again!

Go to sleep you silly savage, or I won’t be your friend!

Flicker stopped her jumping and began to dragon cry

Sapphire tears down garnet cheeks. She said with a sigh,

“I want a softie kiss and a toasty hug goodnight.

Is that too much to ask before turning off the light?”

Hailey felt just awful. Flicker needed cozy cuddles.

Instead she had been yelled at and cried two jewel-toned puddles.

Now Hailey hugs her firebreather and gives her softie kisses,

But it’s hard to hug a dragon. What happens if she misses?


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