How to Properly Eat a Chocolate Bar

(Photo credit: Microsoft)

Hailey’s teacher begged her not to choose this topic, but she ended up getting full credit.

        Most people love chocolate, but sadly, hardly anyone knows how to eat a chocolate bar properly, and some people even think it’s impossible to eat chocolate without getting messy! I hope to prove them wrong, and to make chocolate taste better along the way.

          As for materials, you only need one thing: Obviously, one wrapped chocolate bar. (Or two. Or three. Or ten. I know how tempting chocolate is.)

          The first step is to unwrap the chocolate bar, being careful to leave some wrapper to hold on to. If you want to lick your fingers afterwards, you can take the wrapper all the way off, but I don’t recommend it.

          Next comes the fun part. Take a small, and I mean small, bite of chocolate. If your chocolate bar has filling, slowly chew, taking time to appreciate the taste and texture. If your chocolate bar is solid, just let it melt in your mouth, again taking time to appreciate the taste and texture. No gobbling allowed. Trust me, chocolate is worth the wait.

          After that, lower the wrapper a little so you can get to some more chocolate. I’ve tried it both ways, and chocolate is better without plastic. (Although, caramel and nuts make a nice replacement.) Repeat steps two and three until you run out of chocolate.

          Of course, by this paragraph, if you followed my directions correctly, you probably agree with me that good chocolate is worth making it last awhile. Plus, other than the finger-lickers, you probably didn’t get messy at all, so I’ve proved my point that you can eat chocolate, make it taste better, and not get messy all at the same time.


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