Like so many others, a teacher, wife and mom

(Photo credit: © Royalty-Free/Corbis)

After retiring from a career in the computer industry as either a low-level executive or a high-level manager, depending on your point of view, I decided to become a teacher. I spent my first five years teaching 6th graders at a middle school in California before a life-threatening brain injury helped us realize that every single member of of both sides of our family had left the state. (There’s nothing like being strapped to a backboard with your head exploding and wondering who will take your kids.)  So we moved to Missouri and have been happy in the center of America since the summer of 2008. Yes, we are still unpacking. Like I said, slacker. Since moving to Missouri, I have taught 2nd/3rd, 3rd/4th, 4th/5th, and seem to have settled in 3rd grade. I love to read, scrapbook, quilt and play volleyball, but mostly I love to teach and write. I have two daughters as well as a cat of indeterminate age. The children are active and the cat is not. My husband is more like my daughters, and I am more like my cat.

Note: Throughout this blog, student names have been changed to protect their identity and Marjie’s employment. Family members are a different story.


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